Our lives are very full from morning to night. We’re working our jobs, entertaining friends and family, and running around to all kinds of places from the grocery store to the doctor’s office.

And then there’s that long, never ending to-do list to get to. We have to prepare meals, exercise, and of course be sure to keep up on our social media. Phew … it’s no wonder we even have time to sleep!

Are you happy and enjoying your crazy day-to-day? Busy days sound more draining to me rather than happy. I believe that ACTIVE people are HAPPY people. Being busy is well … just hectic and exhausting. It seems that our society has this conception that busy is happy and successful. I beg to differ with this thought.

Over the years I’ve worked with many fitness and nutrition clients. I’ve dug deep into their lifestyles and habits. What often comes up is that they feel overwhelmed and exhausted by trying so hard to keep up and forgetting about the most important part, THEMSELVES.

Our world has slowed down in the last few months. Although this has been a very challenging time, I have witnessed so many positive changes when talking and meeting with clients. For some, it has allowed time to stop and think about what is really working in their lives. It’s a moment to look at if there are things they are ready to change, to put more focus on, or determine what is next in their lives.

I love the small community I live in here in BC. It wasn’t until the pandemic happened that I actually started interacting with my neighbours. I took the time to stop and say hello. Some were neighbours that I had never even spoken to before. That’s because I was usually hurrying on my way to tackle that long to-do list. When I actually paused – and actively listened – I started to build stronger connections within my neighbourhood.

And it’s not just people that have got me to slow down – animals too. One of my favourite things to do is to watch the baby goats across the street from my house. Maybe I need to start looking into goat yoga!

Here’s some ways you can keep active and feel better, not just busy:

1. Plant a vegetable garden in your yard

Gardening not only burns calories but you can also eat the nutritious veggies you grow. Try tomatoes which are an easy plant to grow.

2. Ride a bike

Many of us haven’t written a bike since our younger days. Bike riding is easy on your joints and a fun way to stay in shape.

3. Go bowling

Gather your friends for an outing to the bowling alley. You’ll get to socialize while getting a few strikes – and hopefully no gutter balls!

Have you taken time to think about if you are happy and actively taking care of yourself? I can help you set your goals and customize a health and fitness plan to meet your individual needs. Give me a call and maybe we’ll meet at goat yoga!


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